Dr Bassel Wattar

Research Portfolio

My success is built on collaboration, education, and mentorship. Let’s explore how we can work together.

My First Steps in Women's Health Research

My passion for women’s health research started early on as a house officer in 2011 where I was involved in evaluating novel technology to detect ovulation by recording changes in the female core body temperature. The thrill of experiencing and testing novel technological solutions to better women’s health was addictive and took me on a long path in pursuit of the truth. 

Evaluating the metabolic risk factors

I was fortunate to get a chance at completing a PhD in Biomedical sciences in 2014 at Queen Mary University of London working with Professor Thangaratinam and Professor Khan. My research was focused on evaluating the metabolic risk factors on pregnant women, how diet can affect our chances of having a healthy pregnancy, and how we can best evaluate novel intervention in women’s health. 

I was one of the few who were able to conclude a PhD and submit my thesis in 30 months having developed advanced skills in health technology assessment, systematic reviews, meta-analyses (IPD, networks, effectiveness, and diagnostic accuracy), and randomised trials.

I ran the ESTEEM randomised clinical trial across fiver NHS hosptials looking to evaluate the impact of Mediterranean diet on improving pregnancy outcomes in women with metabolic risk factors which successfully reduced the risk of gestational diabetes: Link

Mastering Research Skills

Leading clinical research in reproductive health

I am fortunate to run several research projects in the field of Reproductive Medicine working at leading academic clinical institutions. I hold several research grants from public UK funders and strive to deliver high quality research that impact the lives of women and their families. 

EVIE research group

On 2023 I co-founded and currently co-lead the EVIE research group (The Evidence Synthesis and Methodology Group for Women’s Health Research) which is dedicated to evaluating novel technology aimed at improving women’s health from menarche to menopause and beyond

Innovation in clinical trials

In 2024 I joined Anglia Ruskin University as the Medical Director of the Clinical Trials Unit. We are a young, progressive and forward-looking trial unit focused on enabling innovation and helping talented researchers deliver new treatments, tests and clinical tools that can improve patient health in the UK NHS. We adopt an international perspective in our research and place great emphasis on co-production of our research with patients.